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Census Block Groups (CBGs)


In addition to our library of POIs available in the Visitation product, we also provide insights for neighborhoods. You can get visitation data for Census Block Groups (CBG), for instance to investigate the total foot traffic to your CBG.

Datasets & Metrics

We are aiming to provide all datasets available for our POIs also for CBGs. However, as of now, CBGs only come with the total foot traffic to a location.

There are a few differences between CBG locations and our POI library:

  • As addressed, we offer only a subset of metrics today.
  • Schemas are slightly different as we do provide different context for CBGs.


We use the latest Census 2020 map layer as polygons to provide you with visitation estimates.

Updates of CBG map

We update our CBG map in accordance with decennial Census releases (since that leads to physical changes on the CBG level).