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Unacast Privacy Statement

We wholeheartedly believe that privacy is a concept to which every human that uses a connected device has a fundamental right — and it’s built into every part of our business.


One of the drawbacks when working with location data is the possibility of identifying or reverse engineering individuals. Therefore, privacy is one of the most important topics to discuss in any product providing location insights.

Unacast is not only compliant with regulations, we are also forward-thinking and more strict in our Visitation product. All provided metrics are aggregated, transformed, and combined in statistical or Ml models, ensuring individual privacy is preserved.

We Protect Individuals Privacy

To avoid the possibility that individuals can be identified or reverse engineered, we implemented several technical steps to make this impossible.

  1. We do only provide aggregated data as features into our models. We do not have any models which are based on individual identifiable data.
  2. The aggregated data we use is transformed to correct potential population biases and the storage and aggregation is happening on the 1st party provider side.
  3. The targets we are using to train our models are based on our own historical aggregated products and we do not use individual identifiable data as direct input to the model.
  4. Our final predictions are based on an ensemble of different models of which some are unexplainable. Meaning that it is mathematically not possible to reverse engineer the original features based on the final output.
  5. Finally, our predictions are aggregated over longer time frames, dependent on the metric between 1 week and 1 quarter.

Summarised, one of the major benefits of Unacast's Machine Learning strategy is to provide high quality location insights while preserving individuals privacy and make reverse engineering impossible.


We at Unacast do not only comply, we also support the latest developments to enhance privacy regulations. Therefore, we have internal documentation of all our model development available if needed to be compliant with the EU AI Act. In addition, our products are designed to be used in agreement with regulation and our customers are not allowed to use our products in any way that violates given regulations.

More information

If you are interested in a more detailed walkthrough on how Unacast handles privacy, please take a look at our privacy policy.