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Unacast's SmartMobility is your solution for unlocking the power of physical store intelligence. Our advanced machine learning model combines multiple data sources such as neighborhood foot-traffic, historical foot-traffic data, and 1st & 3rd party GPS data to estimate visitation at different locations. Benchmark your brick and mortar stores with competitors, make informed site selection decisions, and improve store performance.

Target Customers & Use Cases


  • Stop guessing where our customers come from and see exactly where your store captures people from and where visitation gaps exist.
  • Take charge of your physical store strategy by understanding your visitor demographics and cross shopping behaviour
  • Decide on the best location for your expansion strategy by comparing foot-traffic and potential customer base

Commercial Real Estate

  • Remove risk and make data-based property acquisition and rent decisions
  • Find optimal co-tenants by understanding regional and national trends
  • Monitor foot-traffic performance for existing portfolio locations

Financial Investment Decisions

  • Incorporate foot-traffic data into your models for predicting performance
  • Identify new opportunities by finding brands that are gaining popularity
  • Monitor foot-traffic of existing portfolio companies for making investment decisions

Data Product

In this data product, we provide 7 datasets:

  • Foot-traffic Weekly - weekly estimated visitation to your location
  • Foot-traffic Monthly - monthly estimated visitation to your location and monthly visitor demographics
  • Foot-traffic Quarterly - quarterly estimated visitation to your location, quarterly visitor demographics, visitor capture rate, visitor return rate, and visitor visit length
  • Dynamic Trade Area - home and work locations of your visitors
  • Dynamic Trade Area Distance - distance from home and work locations of your visitors
  • Cross Visitation - other brands your visitors go to
  • Visitation Pattern - how is visitation distributed throughout the week and by the hour

This dataset is available in US with a history available from October 2018.

Delivery cadence is weekly with a 4day lag. That means for data Sunday 12th March to Saturday 18th March, it will be available on Wednesday 22nd March.